May 18, 2020

So… I got my hair cut!! My sister (who has been social distancing!) cut it last Wednesday! I had been waiting to share pictures until I’d had some of the several Zoom meetings over this last weekend all the way up through tonight. That’s been the only way to see people’s reactions “in person” to this somewhat drastic change and somewhat throwback style (it’s been 8 years since I’ve had such short hair! See the last picture!).

I went for the short style because, although I have really enjoyed my long hair, I was getting overwhelmed from a sensory standpoint with it. It was too hot. It was getting caught under purse straps again, and getting in my mouth with the breeze.

I felt like I needed a change I could tolerate and that I was an active participant in making the decision for, in the middle of all of this uncontrollable change.

Someone asked if I regretted cutting off all my long hair. Not yet. Maybe ask me again once I decide to grow it back out 😉


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