December 10, 2020

These are some things I’ve made in the past. Being creative has always been a calling for me. I thrive on being creative. It helps me process things. It helps me stay sane as possible. I can physically feel it in my body when I need to be creative. I’ve had lots of creative outlets over the years. This has been one of those outlets. The first 10 photos are from 2011~2016. The last one, the Notre Dame leprechaun, is from last week. I’m continuing to advance this style of drawing. I have a current work in progress on canvas that I can’t wait to share when it’s finished.

This has been my regulating thing. My calming. I’ve been inspired by street art and graffiti. I’ve been inspired by other artists. I’m jumping in with both feet to trying to actually do several paintings with my Montana Acrylic Paint Markers on canvas. I started out with Sharpie on a 3×5 and on printer paper. I’ve used Canson Bristol paper. Finally using canvas.

I love creating just for the sake of creating. I like making people smile. I hope you enjoy.


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