April 19, 2020

I literally have not left my house since I took trash to the curb on Wednesday. I hadn’t remembered to take trash out on the night before it’s picked up for three weeks or so, so taking it out on the correct night was an accomplishment. But I haven’t stepped outside since then. My allergies inside tell me I probably should keep up that trend, though.

I’ve been behind on dishes. Every time I actually make something and have to use a lot of dishes, they end up sitting for several days because I don’t have the executive functioning to get them done right away.

My cats were telling me loudly this morning that I’d not refilled their bowls last night.

I haven’t felt like making things, or playing video games, or journaling, or really even watching anything.

I’ve been a space cadet. Distracted. I scrolled through TikTok today, and skipped some videos because they lasted beyond my current attention span.

I find myself easily distracted.


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